I want to raise awareness about bullying. Period.

Since I'm a student, I wanted to start with schools first, and start with the schools in my community. I will work at raising awareness by making my music and lyrics available to teachers who want to use this as a basis for discussion. I will also visit schools and talk about this issue and sing my song. Hopefully, everyone joins in! I'm lucky that I'm bilingual so I can visit both francophone and anglophone schools.

Using social media, I'd like to spread the word even further!

Bullying isn't only in schools, it's all around us and appears in many forms and affects people of all ages. The Internet is a great way to spread the word about important issues. I will use it to its fullest extent!

People listen to great music. And I've written a great song!

I want to bring together a team of professionals to produce the song and make a video. I want kids of all ages and backgrounds to come together and sing with me. Remember "We are the World"? Something like that. Big, bold and inclusive.

To be sure that this issue gets the attention it deserves, we need to send a powerful message. My song "Stronger" does that.

Together, we are Stronger. Bullying won't make you stronger.

These are my goals, but they are more than that. They are Our Goals.
Spread the word. Be the change you want to see - Make bullying stop!

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Thanks for helping!